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Day Twelve of Belief

January 12, 2021

how to think...
If 2020 taught us anything, I suppose it would be we all would be wise to think, really think. At times as humans we tend to go on autopilot. Unfortunately this type of autopilot thinking seeps into our goals, dreams, aspirations and before you know it you've lived a life you're actually not designed to live- all because of autopilot. Well, not you guys, other people...
So in the middle of 21 days of BELIEF, we pump the breaks and check in on our brain.
Enjoy a shot of Ningxia Red, add a drop or three of Frankincense and let's dive in.
Our brain is the biggest, most powerful computer ever created. Scientists believe no one will ever make a computer as powerful and complex as our brain.
As incredible as our brain is, it is so under used! For most of us we are taught what to think rather than how. Think about that statement for a moment.
Taught WHAT to think, rather than HOW.
Not only that but we are taught what to believe rather than how to discovery truths and beliefs that align with our purpose.
Simply by being in this group, you are learning new ways, new ideas and new forms of thinking. You are challenging your belief system, asking tough questions and spurring your mind onto bigger and better things! Perhaps at the end of 21 days you'll discover that your beliefs are completely in line with how you were created.
Wilma Rudolph is a who overcame quite a number of odds simply by believing... Wilma suffered scarlet fever, whooping cough, and measles, survived infantile paralysis and required a leg brace until age nine. Yet, in spite of all this, she went on to win three Olympic gold medals and was considered the “Fastest woman on Earth."
Take a moment to watch her story, it is powerful and as we share more about how to change beliefs, if you so choose, this will give you the courage and confidence to do so.
After having such a rough start to life, and then achieving three Gold medals, being deemed the fastest woman on earth, Wilma has shown us we are capable of more than we think. We are capable of incredible feats if we only believe.
So what is it? Where have you floated by in autopilot only to wake up in the middle of 2020 and think "wait, what, WHOA!!"
Yesterday we discussed the job situation, career, purpose. The world has changed, what are you believing about it that is propelling you into a new era?

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