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Day Three of Belief

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January 3, 2021

We are three days into the New Year and already I know for me, it is POWERFUL. I pray you all are feeling that as well.
As we embark on this new chapter, we must take a look at strengthening our resolve, our beliefs. This is for both camps, those that are seeking to change the current set of beliefs and those who are firmly rooted and grounded. I know at times the later group can be trapped on the pause button of life because while they believe wholeheartedly x,y, and z, the HOW may escape their mind. At times the solution is right under our noses but there is emotional blockers that we aren't even aware of.
In order to strengthen the mind, we speak affirmations. The root word for affirmation is the Latin word, Affirmare which means to STRENGTHEN, to MAKE STEADY.
What lifting weights will do for our muscles, affirmations will do for our brain!
Affirmations are a form of autosuggestion. When we practice deliberately and repeatedly these affirmations, they reinforce chemical pathways in the brain, strengthening neural connections. They reinforce those neurons that fire together and grow new pathways making it easier for our brain to continue on a positive path toward our goals and intentions. Affirmations detox our thoughts and restructure the dynamics of our brain so we are able to think the way we were originally designed to think.
When we verbally affirm our desired beliefs and even ambitions, we are instantly empowered with a deep sense of assurance that our words will become reality. Saying these words to ourselves creates a reality of who we truly are. We see ourselves as our Creator sees us. No matter what your current situation is, speak life giving words, words that align with what your desire. When the beliefs are then challenged (and they will be), we are now equipped ahead of time to stand. Stand firm, dear friend.
Along with Believe, use your Cedarwood and Lavender today.
Cedarwood is going to be used quite a bit in our intervals for many reasons, one of the biggest reasons being it will remove emotional blockers that hinder you to learn and grow. I feel like this should be handed out at all gyms and fitness centers...
Lavender, also for so many incredible reasons, but for now just keep these reasons in your mind~ for gradual a development or revelation of something, to remove criticism.

Take your Cedarwood, inhale, pour it on, and/or diffuse it.
Create some affirmations that align with your beliefs.
Begin with the phrase- I am, I have, I feel, I love, I choose. Always stating in the present tense. These put our affirmations in the present tense so that our brain assumes it's already happening.
As you think through these and seal them in your mind, notice if there is any voice talking to you about why this is not possible. Speak to it, out loud, truth that is YOUR truth. This is an excellent time to use Lavender. The emotion responses that Lavender deals with might be a reason these lies are popping in your mind. Apply it and use as you did Cedarwood, try mixing both together. And finally, apply Believe again to seal in your affirmation.
You're on your way to forming beliefs, new and current that are YOURS, that are POWERFUL, that will bring LIFE.

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