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Day Thirteen of Belief

January 13, 2021

watch your words...
Your words will always show you what you believe.
We've discussed various ideas about belief for twelve days, have you been challenged to search out your true beliefs?
The question now is, what do you choose to believe? There are just seven more days of the interval and now we begin to peel back layers of old beliefs and seal in new ones.
If you are truly set on sealing in positive beliefs, then you're going to invest some time in rewiring your brain.
Frankincense, Cedarwood, Believe
Unless you are using other oils for medical and health reasons, may I suggest these three be at your right (or left in my case) for the next week?
You have written out a few affirmations, yes? Now it is time to begin the practice of daily, perhaps hourly of speaking them out. Being extremely aware of your words, every single one that pops out of your mouth. Choose them wisely, my friend, because our words, hold our future.

I'll give you my personal example~
Yesterday the thought sprung to my mind about feeling discouraged in an area. Because this is a long time practice for me to watch and listen to myself speak, immediately I said out loud, "oh that feeling is not from God, so it's not true about me." I began to say I am IN-couraged, I have courage. And as you might have guessed, the feeling disappeared and I started having a plethora of ideas to scribble down.
Feeling many times are spiritual in nature. For those who are now arguing in your mind about what if you actually have a reason to feel x,y, z, way, I hear you. But know this, once you determine where the feelings originate from you are now in a position of power to deal with it appropriately.

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