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Day Ten of Belief

January 10, 2021

who told you you weren't worthy...
Years ago I created a text class in which we did some emotion work. One of the texts included the instruction of saying "I am worthy". One woman was so angry by that statement, ooh she was hot under the collar. Something about saying we were worthy was akin to blasphemy? I'm not entirely sure what she thought her issue was, but what I knew instinctively was this- along the way someone told her it was wrong to feel or say, she was worthy.
Before you feel excited and say "oh that's not me!", hang on...
Who in your home receives the most care?
Who in your home receives the most praise?
Who in your home do you spend the most money on?
Who in your home has the most opportunities to walk in their gifts and talents?
It is at this point that one might think I ought to say, "of course it shouldn't all go to you", but after doing hair for 100 years, I saw enough neglect to know there is not a woman alive that is in danger of being too self focused. Their hair told on them...
The reason many don't invest money, time, or praise on themselves is simply- a lack of self worth.
This may require Trauma Life or Forgiveness so be sure to have it on hand as you proceed in journaling.
Write out the statement "I AM worthy". No need to say worthy of what, simple write it. Now, say it out loud, let your ears hear your voice speak truth.
Is there an argument in your mind? If not, then it's time to elevate your thinking. Feeling fully worthy, write out some goals this year, things you're achieving without question. If there was an argument, it's time to brain dump.
Write out every argument that arises, that's brings itself up against what you and I both know what is truth.
I believe that's enough for one day....

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