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Day Sixteen of Belief

January 16, 2021

prioritize your mental health...
My grandpa was a "realist". Ok, sure...
When you'd say "grandpa don't be so negative", he would remark, "I'm not negative, I'm just a realist".
Are you a realist? Your mental health depends on whether you believe truths, and state them or whether you speak out realistic views and beliefs.
Allow me to give you an example-
"well I'm just being cautious, after all this could happen"
"be sure you don't ______, otherwise, ______ will happen."
"better do _____ so I don't get sick".
To the average person, these statements seem absolutely reasonable and really, one could argue prudence is after all a virtue. Also, one could argue that God did in fact give us a brain and we ought to use it!
Oh I wholeheartedly agree... for the right reason, we ought to use our brain. Not to reason ourselves into fear, dis-ease and poverty...
As with all life, beliefs and paradigms begin at conception. What your parents of origin spoke and believed became your belief. Some are fabulous, some are destructive. Some bring hope and healing and some beliefs, paralyze.
In 202WON, this is a perfect time to think about your mental health in terms of realistic vs truth.
For anyone who is a "realist" out there- in emotional wellness, that is a negative view and belief.
For anyone who is a truth seeker and speaker- in emotional wellness that is a positive view and belief.
A dear friend has taught me to speak the phrase, "only God's love touches me". Say that out loud. How does THAT FEEL??
Pretty incredible right? I imagine you are soaring with such an elevated frequency now, aren't you?
Any time today, or for he next, oh lets say 365 days, you feel or hear yourself say "but I'm just being realistic", give yourself a tap on your beautiful head as a reminder of ah ah ah... truth please.
The scriptures command that we call into being that which is not as though it were. Looks like I'm in good company with this thought process, wouldn't you agree?

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