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Day Six of Belief

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January 6, 2021

one last time on money...
Indulge me one last post on the topic of money. Or rather in today’s case- wealth.
You see, what has happened in the last 1500 years, poverty has become a sign of righteousness and holiness. However odd and incorrect any of that mindset is- it still permeates our culture to this day.
In the nation today we hear “them vs us” in terms of those who seem to have great wealth. And yet, no one has any idea how much their neighbor has. Perhaps they invest well and keep a low profile by shopping at thrift stores (my favorite), and you ought not to judge a book by its cover.
When you begin to look at what true wealth is, in its deepest definition, you begin to change beliefs that you’ve seen do not serve you, or your purpose while here on earth.
Wealth is the ability, resources strength, and wisdom to create positive outcomes in the midst of lack, poverty, or emptiness.

Wealth is light in darkness, healing in sickness, prosperity in poverty, wholeness in brokenness, favor in obscurity, love for the unlovely, beauty for ashes and victors from victims.

Wealth is a can do attitude, a more than enough mindset and a nothing is impossible belief system.

Wealth is a radical generosity, extraordinary compassion, sacrificial giving and profound humility.

Wealth is always thankful, never jealous, does not brag, celebrates others, looks to the future.

So while we discussed money at length this week, uprooting unsavory beliefs, we must finish this subject with a resolve to cultivate true wealth. Learn it, seek to understand and be open to new opportunities which bring wealth, in all its forms.
After all, would any of you ever turn down the ability to be radical generous or aid victims- turning them into victors? I thought not.

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