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Day Seventeen of Belief

January 17, 2021

prioritize toxin removal...
Most of you by now have completely removed every single toxin from your environment, right?? I mean, surely you wouldn't purchase the most exquisite oils on the planet yet still have something sinister lurking within your four walls. You are the keep of your abode, are you not?
Excellent! As long as we are all on the same page, we can move on to a different toxin removal.
You beliefs have everything to do with the company you keep. Friends you allow into your space, into your mental space that is, has a profound affect on your mental health and well being. In addition to continuing in belief patterns that God never intended you to have. Remember, Jesus didn't do many miracles in certain places because of their lack of faith, their beliefs. Guess what? It wasn't because only one uninformed person had a false belief, it was the entire town. In fact, it also says, that He did do a couple here and there. Seems our Jesus certainly did His best to seek out those who had faith to believe.
Your friends will impact every area of your life. Here's a little tip on deciding how to current your circles of friendships, in the most classy way. The last thing you want to do is make a big announcement on social media, proclaiming you are clearing out your friends list and if someone still sees your post, boy are they fortunate!
This my friends, is the opposite of class, and not becoming of such men and women as yourself.
No no no. Here's how it's done.
It's all mental. You may even make a little list on paper, just so you can have a visual. No need for anyone to see. In fact, this might be a great time to build a fire, you will have some kindling when you're finished with this exercise.
Porch pals. These are people you'd allow to sit with you on your porch, sip tea and talk for hours on end. They are the ones who will cheer you on should you decide underwater basket weaving is your new jam, and you would of course, do likewise. They are your confidant, your friend who shuts up and listens until you are finished. And, of course, you do the same. Weeks and years could go by, but you both know, should one of you pick up the phone, the other would pick up where you left off. Offenses are not present with porch pals, there's no room for this. Agape love abounds with porch pals. Trust is key.

Sidewalk sisters, or brothers. These are the ones that you may wave to on the sidewalk. You stop and chat for a few minutes, but intimate discussions, no, wouldn't be appropriate. They wouldn't understand where you're coming from and of course, you don't have the energy to explain it. And that is ok. Many times, these people are relatives. And that too, is absolutely appropriate. Sidewalk sisters and brothers may be given a little extra time should they have a need, but, they never under any circumstances are given permission to speak into your life. Ever.

Across the street folks. These are those friends you see from a distance. You love from afar, wave from your porch as they pass by your life. You might pray for them, check in as they come to mind. But rarely is there a deep conversation that spring up, nor are they ever permitted to come to the porch, the place of intimacy.

All of this is mental, of course. Many will insist they are your porch pal, but you know better. When you are able to mentally place people in their right circle, then everything will change. You will begin to see your own thoughts and belief your own beliefs.
It bares repeating- under no circumstances is it ever acceptable to make an announcement about where people sit in your life. This is all between you and your little piece of paper, and, your mind.

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