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Day Seven of Belief

January 7, 2021

belief is a powerful tool, as I am sure you have seen in recent months...
You belief affects everything, from how you move through life to how you respond and react to the world around you.
What we believe always comes out in our speech. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. How massively important it is to watch the words we say and notice, are they exuding life or are they destroying it?
Have you ever considered the fact the you have power, akin to superpowers? Life and death are in the power of the tongue and those who love it eat of its fruit.”
These words are incredible when you think of it, we have POWER to speak and give LIFE.
With our words we tear down or build up, create, and give breath to. With our words we can resurrect a marriage, a relationship of any kind. With our words we are able to give life to a once dead business. With our words we have the incredible power to heal our children physically and emotionally.
Your word is you wand, use it wisely.
Yet our belief in how much power we actually have is key. For a few moment, invest some time today and asses the words you've spoken over the past 24 hours.
At first blush many think their words are absolutely acceptable. After all, they are simple speaking the truth of what's happening. When we see a circumstance in the world or a condition in the body, speaking out what you see isn't agreeing with what God is doing, if it is a negative situation.
Read that again- agreeing with what you are seeing or are being told, if negative in nature, is not agreeing with what God is doing.
"But this is really what is happening!!", you say. And my friend, it will continue on in that vein and it will continue to pester your mind, then your body and finally your actions if you do not look at it in a different light, and seek solutions rather than agreeing with the problem.
I'll ask again-
Do you actually speak in alignment with your beliefs?
Healing is what I know. It’s the realm I live in and have now for over 10 years.
We’ve had healing from cancer, we’ve been able to astound doctors by going our way, rather than their way.

We’ve healed- neè cured from depression.

The baby that was "suppose" to have an untold number of surgeries, hospitalized for 6-8 months, was out in 31 days with just two surgeries in her whole life.

What do you desire in life? Is your life lining up with your desires? It may be, your speech. The seeds we sow we reap.
Today's discussion requires an oil like Transformation. It will stimulate the subconscious and conscious mind allowing you to transformation your thought life, your speech patterns and the way you see the world. Transformation helps release negative emotional patterning and unresolved negative experiences.
Can I tell you what I see today? I see a people who are desperate for answers to truth. People who want to be heard and known and seen. I see right in front of me ways I am able to help bring healing and hope to these people. I see a task before me filled with bumps along the way, but turns out, I'm a huge fans of bumpy rides. Smooth rides give way to boredom for me. My vision is crystal clear, and no one can dissuade me from pursuing the mission of bringing the healing I have experienced to millions of people.
What is it that you see today? Is it bringing you life?

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