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Day One of Belief

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January 1, 2021

WELCOME to DAY ONE of Belief
Oil of the interval- Believe
21 days of belief is sure to be one for the books. As we begin this new year, a new season and a new chapter for us all, it's important to scrutinize one area of our lives- BELIEF
On day one we ask the question- do my beliefs line up with who I am, truly? Or are they simply someone else's paradigm?
As children we grow up wit ha certain set of values or beliefs.
Beliefs on child raising, discipline, and even schooling. 

Beliefs on marriage, what it should look like.

Beliefs on career, purpose, goal setting.

Beliefs surrounding money (turns out this is a biggie)

Beliefs on God, faith, and even church.

Beliefs on healing, medicine, and methods.

As you look at these sets of beliefs, ask yourself this question- what exactly do I believe in each these areas?
where did these come from?
Take out your oil blend Believe, inhale the oil asking these questions. Write down the answers that spring to mind. You might surprise yourself on the answers.
Leave your answers for now.
Tomorrow we will be focusing on each belief and how to shift should we desire to do so, then, how to strengthen our resolve for those firmly rooted in our current beliefs.
Much love to you all, and Happy New Year!

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