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Day Nineteen of Belief

January, 19 2021

food matters...
For those who believe in God, who follow hard after Him and His ways- what if I told you what you eat can be a form of worship, an offering, as it were.
Everyday there are works prepared in advanced for you to do. Good works, ones that you will enjoy and love and even leap out of bed to get to do these works.
And yet, if your body is not fueled properly, for YOUR body type, you miss these works.
i.e.- In our family, if we “indulge” in moms lasagna, we are not moving for hours... while some may argue we deserve a treat or indulgence every once in awhile, the other side of that coin is- do we? Do we really deserve to slow down the digestive tract causing blockages?
Or take the once in awhile Coke/Pepsi (don't want to start a war here). Does your body really deserve to have your insulin spike to an unholy degree, cells being pinged and poked by sugar molecules and your energy tanking after a few hours?
I can only speculate where this belief system came into play that we "deserve" treats and days where we indulge to this degree. This belief is so pervasive in our culture that we have an astounding number of people who are sick, all from food choices. We have an incredible amount of people not walking in their purpose because they physically cannot do so.
What if the solution was simply, believing your body is truly the temple of God? And what if we changed our belief of eating and fueling our bodies to "I am eating this so I have the most optimal energy for the day so that I can accomplish all that God has for me"?
You know, when the children of Israel were entering the Promise Land, one of the things promised was amazing foods, rich crops of grapes, pomegranates, figs, dates, honey and milk. Did you know that each one of these foods listed is so life giving, that one could survive on these simple items? Yet, they are beyond delicious!
Food matters, it is a form of service and offering. You have a job to do, my friend. Be sure you are physically equipped to do it.

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