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Day Nine of Belief

January 9, 2021

For today, your Believe oil is in order and if that is low or not in your collection at this point- let's reach for Cedarwood, Northern Lights Black Spruce or Idaho Blue Spruce. What I'm thinking is something so high in frequency and also neuro pattern altering that your mind has no choice but to believe truth. Whatever that oil is for you, go for it!
In answering the question I posed yesterday, I can only speak from what I know is truth. Note I said, what I know, not what I believe. Some say there is no absolute truth, which, honestly makes me suppress a giggle because the very statement is well, absolute.
My absolute truth of healing and curing comes from the word of God, what I read and what I hear and what I have experienced. For those requesting me to hit you with science vs faith, you got it! Science shows that we are in a constant state of working back to perfection. Our bodies were designed work and be in perfection. When you cough, the lungs are expelling unwanted, unnecessary particles and/or dis-ease. When you sneeze, the same principle applies.
When a condition presents itself in the body, rather than rushing to receive a diagnosis, best practice would be sit with it for a moment, asking the question-
"In what way is my body striving to get back into perfection?"
"Is there a lifestyle change I ought to make in order to assist it back into this perfect state?"
We do not need to wait for any condition to befall us in order to ask these questions. Optimal practice would be this is a weekly ask if not daily.
Your body is all you have control over, treat it with exceptional care. Demand the most pristine care for it.
I'll say that again, demand it.
If that statement was challenging to receive, we will cover worthiness at some point in the next few days.
"I walk in perfect health"
"I am the best advocate for me"
"I heal with ease"
"My body knows how to heal itself"
"I give my body the best resources in order to heal"
"Daily I receive healing"
"Even as I sleep, my mind and body are healing"
Of course, these are suggestions and I'm sure I speak for all when I say, if you have any nuggets of goodness to share we'd love to hear your truths you affirm.

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