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Day Fourteen of Belief

January 14, 2021

prioritizing excellent health in 202WON
Grab a beverage, this may get long...
Can we chat for a moment about the diets and fitness goals many are making in 2021? After a year like 2020, the only fitness goal anyone ought to be setting is- buy a new pair of tennis shoes...
The priority is out of whack. We jump into new routines and shut out the most critical ones. Consequently, in March or April, while our waistlines might be smaller, our minds are an epic disaster and the internal health due to many toxins still lurking, oof...
Let's do 202WON right, sweet friends. Let's thrive this year and walk out into 2022 full of vibrancy, purpose and excelling at that which we have been called to do while here on this earth.
Mental Health

Toxin Removal

Food Choices

In this order is best practice.
Have you put the cart before the horse, so to speak? Choosing food and physical wellness over mental health and ridding your home once and for all of toxins?
Now is an excellent time to take out the Frankincense and Cedarwood, inhaling them as you know how to, not simply slapping it on...
As we mentioned yesterday, the way we speak to ourselves and about ourselves makes all the difference. Frankly, you can tell a lot about a person and what their belief system is by the goals they set in January.
Take out your journal and set new goals and then affirmations about your mental health. Remove phrases such as 'I can't', or ' I am just a' or 'why can't this'. I'm sure you get the idea.
"In my spirit, the emotion I most enjoy is____"
"This year, I am looking for ways to feel ____"
"By December 2021, I will look back and see that i have accomplished _____"

As we begin to journal these simple phrases, my guess is a host of why nots will leap to mind. Shhhh... This is what you say as you reapply your oils. Shhh. quiet, be still... And write it out bolder, with more clarity. I hear there's an oil for that, you know.
Day fourteen of beliefs, your belief system will not change unless you attend to your emotional well being. In 2020, there were two responses- either hunker down and fear, no matter where you sit. Or see the year with great opportunity and potential, pursuing your passion relentlessly. Which did you choose?

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