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Day Five of Belief

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January 5, 2021

now that no one will ever not believe again...
Nothing like ripping off a bandaid to get us going, eh? The truth is, your belief about money literally shapes your entire life.
Your. Entire. Life. Today we are going to sit on this topic within belief because honestly,
In order to live literally anywhere, it takes cold hard cash.
In order to eat, again, literally anywhere, it takes cash.
In order to function in a ministry, (the one place that money is so taboo for some odd reason), again, it takes some change.
I pray that yesterday you took a long look at your beliefs and asked the questions.
80% of Americans have accumulated debt. Of that percentage of folks, the average amount of debt is $140,416.
WOOSH! I know, I had to pick myself up off the floor as well...
My guess is, the 80% do not have a solid belief of money. It's just a guess, I could be wrong.
Less than 60 years ago virtually no one had debt, many had savings and paid cash. This 21 day group isn't an exercise in money, debt or even budgeting. However, with most people making resolutions to lose 100lbs and earn a million dollars, all in this year, ignore the number one glaring reason many of these goals are realized- that no one ever addresses is the beliefs surrounding money, food, (don't worry, we'll get to that), or relationships.
Here are a list of affirmations I've created for financial freedom. Read through them, perhaps copy them down and notice the thoughts that rise up in your heart and mind as you ponder.

I choose being calm with money matters.
I AM calm with money matters.
I FEEL calm with money matters.
I AM trusting, secure and at peace where my money matters are concerned.
I KNOW there is always enough.
There IS always plenty, overflowing and more for me.
I CHOOSE be-ing worthy of financial freedom.
I AM worthy of financial freedom.
I DESERVE financial freedom.
I CHOOSE financial success.
I welcome financial abundance with open arms.
My bank accounts are robust and being replenished daily. (Ok that one is courtesy of Jihan Thomas)

If there is any resistance, pause, breathe through the statement as you reread it. Apply your Believe and/or Cedarwood and keep going until the words sink deep into your soul.
Should you require any assistance with removing negative beliefs, I am right here, ready to pick up the phone.

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