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Day Fifteen of Belief

January 15, 2021

prioritize mental health...
In 2020 mental health was challenged. The last time we had the opportunity for a police officer to visit our family, he assured us this pandemic was more of a mental health crisis than a physical health crisis.
What happens is when you have a world wide crisis descend on people who do not prioritize emotional wellness, what you'll find is folks who truly spiral downward emotionally.
In January the routine is to implement new goals and intentions. Hence, why you all are here. Yet, 99% of those goals and intention have little to do with emotions and growing in a healthy life giving way, and more to do with a physical goal of some sort. Be it business or fitness, the mental state falls by the wayside year after year.
Ask yourself this probing question...Where are you emotionally? Assess your thought life, your feelings, and how you respond to the world around you.
Are you swayed by every new idea that rolls out the gate? Not swayed in opinion, swayed in your emotional state.
Does a new mandate or restriction throw you in a tailspin or does it thrill to look for new opportunities in which to pursue your purpose?
Your answer will be incredible telling in where you are. In order to stand firm in your beliefs, those we have been working on for fifteen days, your emotional health must be on point. Otherwise, you'll be like a leaf blowing to and fro unable to withstand the ever changing world.
My friends, whether you believe it or not, we are now in a new era. Life from here on out will look nothing like we knew it two years ago. Are you emotionally ready to soar into this new era?
As always, I'm just a phone call or text away should you require some assistance in this area.

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