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Day Eleven of Belief

January 11, 2021

let's talk career, or as we say in our home, purpose...
Let's get one thing perfectly clear- no one was meant to have a career. We have a purpose, that we have until we are put in the ground. It's the thing we were designed to do, the one thing only we can do. The idea of what do you want to do when you graduate from high school began to take a toll on my daughter's mind and it was like a cold splash when I realized this truth. What an unkind thing to ask our young adults "what would like to do for the rest of your life and make sure it's possible to earn a nice chunk of change, all the while be sure we can afford to pay for that school require.
I feel a little tired just writing that out...Allow me to take some Peppermint...
Now then~ Purpose. Calling. Mission. As with most things we have discussed, this is incredibly individual. My role here is to open your eyes to truth and help you see your beliefs for what they are.
Of course, this is not an absolute per sa, however, I saw enough heads of hair and read enough stats to know the truth of many are doing a job they despise- all for the sake of the income or the belief that this is what should be done.
With your Frankincense in hand, let's dive in.
There is a scripture that I love- Whatever you do, do it heartily as unto the Lord rather than men.
Most oft quote this to workers as an incentive to work harder, better and smarter. I can see the temptation however, I do not understand God to "motivate" people in this way. Yea, no. That doesn't resonate...
In the Greek it's whatever you fashion, create or construct, work at it as with all your deep soul, for God not to please men. Ladies in the audience who struggle with being people pleasers, I believe truth may set you free.
Did you catch the most important part? with all your deep soul. In other words, whatever you can do that you feel it in your belly, the thing that drives you from deep within, that thing- do that! Because it's the only way to conjure up a willingness to work so very hard, to find something that incites so much passion and fire!
Did I mention we'd be journaling quite a bit? In any case, let's go. Imagine resources were absolutely unlimited. I know, exhilarating isn't it? What would you be doing, right now? Go ahead, no one is peeking over your shoulder, what would it be?
Is it what you're doing right now? Oh I am crying tears of joy to know you are walking in your purpose!!
Is it something other than what you're currently doing? Why?
Where did the belief come from that this is what you were meant to do?
Enjoy some time today with your journal and Believe, perhaps a dab of Abundance. This will raise some ideas, I pray.

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