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Day Eighteen of Belief

January 18, 2021

prioritize quality foods...
What in the world does belief have to do with what you put in your mouth, you ask? Oh my dear friends, only everything!
What did you eat today? Did it bring life and strength or was it just tasty to the taste buds? Have you eaten? If not, is it because you are intermittent fasting, or because you simply forgot?
The answers to these questions will give way to a mirror of what your actually believe about your worth.
If you haven't eaten because you forgot, the bottom line is, you do not prioritize yourself or your health. No one should ever come before you in the nourishing department. No. One.
If you have eaten yet it is only food that is tasty but is lacking in nutrients, again, there is a void of acknowledging how important you are and deserve only the most pristine foods. Food can be both tasty and nourishing. But we must look at the food in such a way as a huge form of self care.
If your food choices are on point, stellar, completely golden, this day is not for you. Give yourself a hearty pat on the back and be grateful your belief system is above par.

For the rest of you- consider your answers. Consider why you may be low on the list of priority. What do you actually believe about your self worth? I have had many conversations with women over the years who order the best supplements and the best oils- for their children and/or husbands. After all, the husband needs it more than they do. No one needs anything more than anyone. My husband requires a set of supps and oils and my body requires a different set. And our God has made a way for us to have all that our bodies ask for.

What about you?

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