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Day Eight of Belief

January 8, 2021

on healing and wellness...
When you study ancient texts, even those as recently as the early 1900's, disease and illness are never a part of the writer's story. If there is mention of anything, it's very casual, light and sort of tossed in as a nod to whatever was historically happening. i.e. George Washington's daughter had seizures from time to time, yet one distinct aspect of this was they never said "her seizures". One might say something such as "afflicted by ____" but never have I read or heard in those texts "their ______".
Enter in the era of modern medicine and we now have a whole different line of speech.
My hashimoto's (cancel/clear)

My thyroid issue (cancel/clear)

My high blood pressure (cancel/clear)

We may even describe a loved one in that way;
Mom's illness (cancel/clear)

Dad's heart condition (cancel/clear)

And yet...
We as a culture, we as Young Living essential oil users strive to find healing.
I have a not so secret to share- it's right under our noses as a nation and as oilers, goodness, in our hands and our mouths.

Before I share the how of this ridding oneself forever and ever of conditions, we must ask the question- what is my belief surrounding disease?
Give attention today to these questions and allow the answer to reveal itself-
Do I say my ______, when speaking about a condition?
Do you believe that if a condition is in your family of origin's blood line, that it is possible you will have such a condition?
What are your thoughts on curing dis-ease within your own body?
Are there current conditions in your body and how do you address it?

Once you have these answered, you'll have a fairly good idea of your true beliefs surrounding healing and wellness. As we walk through know that if your mind begins to argue on these points, allow that argument to rise up. Acknowledge it for what it is, but continue to ask where this idea originated? Have you simple heard your whole life that you were destined to have x,y,z because great so and so had it? We'll discover how to eradicate that thought, but for now, just let it rise up.

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