Healing circles are often called hocokah in the Lakota language, which means a sacred circle. The hocokah consists of people who sit together in a talking circle, in prayer, in ceremony, and are committed to helping one another and to each other's healing. Taking a page out of our Native American heritage, and in an effort to bring healing and emotional restoration to as many as are willing, we've created "The Mending Circle. The Mending Circle is designed to be a space to learn, heal, grow and share with others. 

Similar to our course 'Essentially Free', The Mending Circle will walk you through steps and modalities of emotionally healing. This is an on going group, one that renews monthly so you are able to go at your own pace and work on an as needed basis. 


Fee: $30 monthly /$300 yearly subscription

Location: Facebook/Text/Zoom platforms

Session dates: Ongoing beginning November 1, 2020

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