Memory Release


Some memories serve us, while others do not.

We must distinguish between which serve and which do not. We also must distinguish between what are truths, half truths and straight up lies. When we have feelings that do not line up with what we believe, we are now faced with the fact that we are believing lies based on memories that are negative and do not serve us. We write stories based on those lies.

These types of memories create habits and paradigms that are a detriment to our lives, our businesses and our relationships. Working to erase those memories and choosing to keep only what serves you is a powerful way to first, find out what lies you are believing and second, speak truth into it and release. 



1) Bring to mind everything surrounding the memory. The image, the scene, the sounds, the smells, who is there, what are they saying, what are you wearing. Everything you can hold in your mind surrounding the event or image. Let the emotions rise up so strongly, you can feel as if it has happened all over again.

2) Take your essential oil, specifically, Stress Away, Frankincense and Lavender, one drop of each in your hand.

3) Activate the drops of oil by rubbing your hands together and now, breathe deeply from your abdomen. A deep breathe, with a count of four, slowly.

4) As you exhale, imagine the essential oils washing over the memory. Every molecule of them washing away every pixel of that image. Repeat several times, for at least two minutes as you keep breathing and letting the image be washed away.

5) When you feel a ‘shift’ in the memory, as in, it’s not holding the same strength on you as it previously did, you’re ready to move on.

Next, we are going to replace that negative memory with a positive memory. If there is not a good memory that you can bring to mind surrounding the negative experience, create a future memory. Something you can get excited about and it raises your frequency as you think of it.

1) Take an oil that is high in frequency, Rose or Idaho Blue Spruce, or Northern Lights Black Spruce. Three drops in your hand, cup your hands over your nose and mouth and deep belly breathe. Let the oils saturate your brain for a minute.

2) Next, as you’re breathing in the oils, imagine what you are wanting to see, that positive good memory or that future picture in your mind. Imagine the essential oil molecules sealing in that positive image.

3) Breathe this in for at least 2–3 minutes as your mind needs time to seal it in.

Finally, we will create a positive trigger response should this memory try to come up again.

1) Choose an oil that represents strength, Cedarwood, Sacred Mountain, Believe.

2) Take one drop in your palm, activate it and breathe the oil in.

3) Picture in your mind something that you perceive to be the strongest thing you can think of.

4) As you bring to mind that image, see yourself in that image. Tucked away, safe, nothing can get to you~ no memory, no unsafe image, no fearsome thoughts.

5) Keep breathing in until you feel safe and secure, knowing that oil has sealed in the strength in your mind.

Repeat this process as many times as necessary, in order to be fully free from memories that do not serve you.

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