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Women of Valor

A course to assist you in discovering who you were created to be, recovering your identity and thriving into your new found freedom in the Lord.

A course created for you, through prayer by Jen Weir.png

Every human has a story, yet few are ever able to share it. Not for lack of desire to share, they simply don't know it's there. Many times they do not know because they have never been told, no one has ever held their face and looked them in the eyes to speak life into them and their destiny. 

Others always knew, or had an inkling, but life circumstances and perhaps emotional upheaval squelched all of it, until nothing was left. 

Some people push themselves to an extraordinary degree in order to achieve goals and ambitions yet all the while there is deep emotional pain that is bubbling beneath the surface. 

No matter where you find yourself in any of those scenarios, this course, Women of Valor, is likely for you. 

There is something inside you that is whispering, (perhaps shouting) telling you it's time for a change, it's time to step into all that the Lord has for you. It's time to walk in the freedom He has already given you, you only need a few tools to guide you along the way. 

This course, is that. 

Welcome to Women of Valor. 

When you see the word Valor, what comes to mind?




And essential oil blend that is craved by many?

Our dictionary today states that valor is great courage

in the face of danger, especially in battle. 

In the book of Proverbs, chapter 31, this woman is

described in great detail- "a woman of Valor, who can find,

for her worth is far beyond rubies". 

Do you feel that your worth is far beyond rubies? 

Oh friend, once you walk through this course with us,

I can assure you, you most certainly will. 

Women of Valor is a twenty 25 module course, spread out

over 8 weeks time, with a once a week group

coaching session online.  

During our time together, we will be sharing

tools such as essential oils and ways to journal

through the process in order to find maximum

freedom and discovery of your identity. 

The essential oils required will be sent to you as

part of our Women of Valor kit. In addition, you will

be sent via email a digital download workbook

that accompanies the class. 

Each day a module is released,  you will be taken

to a private virtual classroom where you have the

freedom to study, learn and grow at your pace. 


Speaking of your pace...

In order to heal, grow and thrive into this new life,

Woman of Valor, you need to be prepared to work

with the content each day. Many online education

tools advertise the flexibility of learning just

on the weekend, or whatever fits your schedule,

but I have studied human behavior long enough to know,

that simply won't work with this course.

You must show up and do the work. One of the

many benefits of this format is learning and

engaging as part of a special group.

When we're all in this together, all engaging,

asking questions, sharing input, a whole new level

of transformation occurs. So, before you sign up for the course,

I need you to get honest with yourself...

are you ready to devote 40-60 minutes each weekday to YOUR LIFE?

Are you ready to do the required reading and journaling?

Because it's not worth your time (or money) if you can't fully

commit to the process.

The essential oils required will be sent to you in addition,

we will send you a digital download workbook

that accompanies the class. 

Are you ready to step into 2023 with a bold confidence

of who you are meant to be, healed, renewed and thriving?

Please note each session is limited to 50 participants. 

*payment plan available upon request

Fee- $300

private website & Zoom calls

Next session begins 
January 16th

Would you like a preview of what is discussed in Women of Valor? 

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