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Biblical Freedom 
A bible based emotional healing course designed for such a time as this. 

Biblical Freedom is a course designed by Jen Weir through hours of prayer, research and then of course, more prayer in order to walk women and men through emotional healing all from a view of the scriptures. In essence, it is a bible based emotional healing course designed to equip you for all that God has in store for you. 

Whatever your present state is, there is always room for growth. Our God has a much better and larger future in store for you. 

But you must prepare for it.

In this time, we find ourselves recovering from a season of unparalleled events, and if one wasn't emotionally strong before these events, certainly these past days created more emotional unrest than ever before. 

If you have found yourself in need of emotional health, stability and guidance, you've come to the right place. 

Biblical Freedom was birthed from the original course, Essentially Free and now has been updated to include biblical principles. After all, we were always using God's word, God's Medicine, and God's Healing power in order to find this freedom. It's time He is invited and included along on our healing journey. 

What to know~

The course is online through the use of modules sent in via email. The modules will link to the website and Facebook group for various choices of connectivity. Once a week there will be a Zoom meeting for Q&A and encouragement. 


Essential oils will be used, however not required to participate in the course. The use of essential oils will further your progress so it is highly recommended. 

Time commitment~

Typically the course involves a daily 30 minute time investment. We strongly discourage weekend catch ups, and rather the individuals allow for time each week to study and grow. After all, what you sow into the course is what you'll reap. 

This is a 12 week course so pacing yourself is key. 

Financial investment~

The course is $500 for the full twelve weeks of learning and does not include essential oils.

Payment options are available and as always, essential oils are available for a separate purchase. 


It's time to leave the past, in the past and soar toward all God has for you.

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