Essentially Free Immersion Experience 

What's entailed in a Immersion Experience?

Freedom and peace like no other.

I created this time with you from experiences I have walked through in my own life, shortened into a three day experience. There have been profound changes in my life, and I believe you will have a similar session.

Can you imagine the power of applying all the Essentially Free courses into three full days? Being able to discuss the techniques and walk them out? Doesn't having a personal emotion coach taking you through the steps, in addition to eating inviting organic foods prepared to your specific tastes and exercise at a pace that suits you sound incredible?

Are you ready to start NOW? 

Because this Immersion training is open for you! 

Expectations: Three full days of Immersion in the Essentially Free experience, including emotional releasing techniques, breath work, and grounding practices on the beach~ all utilizing the essential oils that best suit you.  Essential oils and supplements required will be provided during your stay. 


Private coaching

Light stretching

Inspiring walks along the Atlantic shore

Private journal time

Essential oils needed 

Biking along the boardwalk

Journey into Boston

Fresh foods to fuel  you

Quiet prayer and meditation 

All waiting for you...


(Participants will have full access to all Essentially Free Courses for the next twelve months)

Personal concierge to assist with travel arrangements before, during and after your departure.

Image by Carli Jeen
Women Stretching on Yoga Mat
Image by Artem Sapegin
Image by Brooke Lark
Image by Orlando Marty
Meditation by the Sea
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