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 Essentially Free- Liberated Edition

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Before you read on, let's think through what you're about to embark on~

In many sessions we've had, the focus is on emotional healing and freedom, finding peace in otherwise trying circumstances and being free from triggers that have held you captive for far too long. In this edition, the Liberated Edition, we will be diving into a deeper understanding of how to view current situations you find yourself in with fresh eyes~ eyes that see only goodness, beauty and truth. Will this be similar to sessions in the past, oh yes, my friend. And I believe you will find yourself face to face with a freedom that you've yet to experience, one that leaves you; liberated.


When was the last time you felt in complete control of your emotions. Not just in control, aware of them, how you handled triggers throughout your day, and even moving forward through life in a manner that you are thriving.


In life we have goals, dreams and aspirations. Are you living the dreams and aspirations you were designed for? Many times the answer to this question is "no", followed by a, "but, the thing is___". 

Have you ever asked yourself, "What do I really want"? Have you allowed yourself to dream beyond emotional survival mode?

What would it look like to thrive through your days and weeks? What would it look like to achieve everything you are dreaming of and praying for? 

You've even taken every class under the sun, read through all the posts and watched all the YouTube videos. Does it feel like you might be missing a step? After classes we plan and prep and get excited to conquer the world  and yet when we get home, the ideas, hopes and dreams are a faded idea. 

There is a very specific reason dreams, ideas and goals are rarely achieved. Many lack the understanding of the impact trapped emotions can have on us. 

We have hosted several emotion based workshops and taught countless online classes, each time some helpful tools are left unsaid simply because there isn't time enough to share it all. This 6 week course will allow you to dive in deeper than a typical 2 hour workshop allows. 

Included in this course-



Core emotional issues



Brain Detox

Emotional Clearing Protocol

Ready to be liberated and walk in Freedom?





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June 15th-July 20th


Limited to 30 individuals, ready to embrace FREEDOM in 2020. 

Imagine the power of applying all you've learned in the Essentially Free course to everyday life? A one on one immersion training walking you through the techniques in a retreat setting. 

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