The Bloom Collection

If you wore or even remember the Jennifer Anniston haircut, you’re going to want to consider choosing this system.

Bloom Skincare Collection

The other day, I was Marco Polo-ing with my mom, whining about my age spots. I knew I had two choices- stay out of the sun or, ages not so gracefully. And, while I didn’t have that cut, I certainly designed a number of them. I’m that age...


Bloom was formulated with skin brightening in mind and is the perfect system for dark spot reduction, improving your skin’s texture, and smoothing that beautiful skin of yours! Some of the amazing ingredients include:-


Madonna Lily- this ingredient is skin magic! This flower is part of the lily family and is known to interfere with the skin's transfer of melanin, which helps to brighten, reduce signs of again, and gives the skin an overall radiance.


Mica- is a mineral and one of the main ingredients in Savvy Minerals. It refers to a group of silicate minerals that can be ground into a fine powder for use in personal care and cosmetic products. Mica also has sheer, light-reflecting properties that create a natural shimmer, which is wonderful for radiant appearing skin.


Sodium hyaluronate- is smaller than hyaluronic acid which means it is able to absorb deeper into the layers of the skin. It also is able to retain and hold water, which is wonderful for the moisture of your skin.


Plumeria Acutifolia Flower Extract- is not only the most amazing, exotic scent, it has clarifying properties. It is revitalizing, helps retain moisture, and absorbs easily, keeping the skin soft and smooth.


Without further ado;

The Bloom System players:


  • Bloom Brightening Cleanser cleanses away impurities and conditions the skin.


  • Bloom Brightening Essence hydrates and gives skin a beautiful dewy glow.


  • Bloom Brightening Lotion adds amazing hydration and leaves skin more pliable and smoother.

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