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A word, please. 

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, I mean, really more. Not in the, more money, more stuff, more advancement on the job sense. But rather, more emotionally, spiritually, which of course leads us to- more physically. It's quite possible no one has ever told you this was even an option. Oh yes, it is an option in every sense of that word. Option in, it's there for the taking, option as in, you must desire for the more. 

You see there are scads of people who coach the masses through various ways to increase their finances and of course, reach that next level in their career. I applaud all who walk this path. Yet, when you reach that goal, next level shift as it were, where are you emotionally? How is your spiritual life fairing? 

As the scripture says, "what does it profit a person to gain the whole world yet lose his soul?"  This could mean eternally, but the scriptures are indeed multifaceted and so we also ought to take it as a possible current loss. 

This is where I come in. All those dreams, those secret wishes and wants you reach for and achieve, will seem like utter rubbish in the face of an emotionally broken mind and soul. The books written about you in Heaven include a whole and healed person, in every way possible. You were not designed to be an emotional and spiritual train wreck only to be the top of your company. You can be, but it was never art of the plan. 

What would it be like if you could achieve all you have and more, all while thriving emotionally and spiritually? Can you imagine with me for a moment how much better you'd fair with your employees, team members, your spouse and children?  Imagine coming in after a long and busy day that was filled with plot twists and drama, yet you are smiling and feel more alive than when you went in? 

Yes, that. That is what my role is for you- to open your eyes to this possibility and to assist you in walking this truth out. 

No matter your background, history, or story, there's always an opportunity to rewrite it, start fresh, and heal. Are you ready for more?  

Good, let's find your more together. 

About me...

About me sections are interesting, in my opinion. This is the section that I am suppose to tell you all these really cool things about me, things that would give me street credit and an acknowledgment of my expertise in the areas shared on this site. And there was a time when I was more than happy to tell you all about me, yet I'd rather talk about my Jesus. Apologies if that sounds nauseatingly cliche, but it's the truth. The more life I walk through, the more hardships I face, it's abundantly clear that the only reason I am not a total psychopath is Jesus and the miraculous redemptive work He has done in my life. Having said that, here's a smidge of backstory. 

I grew an only child of two parents in the military. One parent was career military, one dabbled in the idea of it in order to gain some knowledge and skills for the workplace. Being a single mom has a way of causing a woman to try new things. 

Married at 25 to a pretty cool guy, Mark, who passed away recently in August 2021. We have five incredible kids and since his passing I find myself more focused on them than ever- obviously. Growing up without a dad totally sucks out loud, but God is faithful. 

Pre-widowhood, the Lord took me through a season of emotional healing after my oldest had cancer and my youngest was born with a life threatening birth defect. Both kids are thriving and healthy people now, yet the events that surrounded walking through health crisis' were quite traumatic to say the least. 

This became terrifically apparent when I freaking about a pair of shoes being left on the stairs or spilled jelly on the counter. Granted, those are egregious but, not to the extent I was exaggerated by them. Essential oils had already been in my frame of reference yet not from an emotional health standpoint. Somehow I stumbled on a session of releasing negative emotions using essential oils, I began to see a pinpoint light at the end of my dark mind mess tunnel and away I went researching and finding more tools. If you have my personality you very much understand the learner mindset- finding a little help and hope and you're insatiable for all the answers until you exhaust every single one. 

Seven years later I have yet to exhaust the avenues of emotional healing, yet with what I have learned, a course was created out of it all. I still research like mad to find more and better answers, Currently I see a bridge between the use of essential oils, dealing with soul/emotion issues and finally arriving at the place where one is ready and able to allow the Spirit of God to move in their own spirit. Many people simply cannot allow their spirit to thrive because the soul is blocking any amount of effort, reading and prayer they apply. 

That being said, this is where you find this website, my blog and me currently. 

In a nutshell, my goal is to bring you to an optimal place of healed, and then point you in a direction of thriving in your body, soul and spirit. 

I do this all while walking a path of healing myself. The information I share here wouldn't be worth any amount of time and energy if I haven't walked it, lived and fleshed it out in real time. Lucky you, you have a front row seat into it all! 


Essential Oils 

Experience Essential Oils 

Stepping into the life that was laid out for you, before time began starts with cultivating an environment of health, wellness and vitality. All from the inside out. All so that you are able to hear and know your next steps. We begin with Essential Oils. Step into the world of essential oils, you'll find so much more than you ever thought possible. 

SO EO 101_ Aria PSk.jpg

In life, everyone experiences blocks. Many times those blocks completely derail the path God has us on and we find it difficult to complete the journey. 

Whether in business, relationships or even spiritual, the blocks are there. You may know the what, the blockers you encounter, yet the how, the breaking free from it can be challenging. 

 There's that thing, THE one thing you just can't seem to pull away from, or tear yourself from. Yes, that's the one. You know the WHAT, it's time to discover the HOW. It's time to dive into a better life, a better way of thinking, a better way of feeling. Feeling FREE- Essentially Free!

I created Essentially Free so you can find the same freedom I found, too. Are you ready to become Essentially Free?

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