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If you’re feeling static, or simply feel like taking YOU to the next level, Jen Weir offers several programs for individuals from all professions and backgrounds. Take a look at our offerings right here to learn more.

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Essential Health


Essentially Free 

Empowering for Purpose

Holistic Approach 

Curious about holistic wellness and health? Specifically, essential oils? Allow us to share our journey from life altering conditions which include healing, emotional stability and walking in complete health and wellness. We went from being the biggest skeptics of natural wellness to passionate advocates of essential oils and toxin free living, never looking back. 

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About Jen

Every single individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back. Jen Weir, a renown speaker and coaching professional, is here to help you in your new journey. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible. Book a consultation today to find the change you or your team have been seeking.

Emotional Healing

In life, everyone experiences blocks. Many times those blocks completely derail the path God has us on and we find it difficult to complete the journey. 

Whether in business, relationships or even spiritual, the blocks are there. You may know the what, the blockers you encounter, yet the how, the breaking free from it can be challenging. 

 There's that thing, THE one thing you just can't seem to pull away from, or tear yourself from. Yes, that's the one. You know the WHAT, it's time to discover the HOW. It's time to dive into a better life, a better way of thinking, a better way of feeling. Feeling FREE- Essentially Free!

I created Essentially Free so you can find the same freedom I found, too. Are you ready to become Essentially Free?

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From personal to professional growth, Jen Weir wants to help you root out any obstacles in yourself that hinder your ability to create your future; a future filled with the hope and success of your dreams. Answer a few questions below and start benefiting today.

Ready for a group setting? 

In this interaction, you will be inspired to create a workplace filled with growth mindsets and the ability to move mountains together. Enjoy peace, calm, tranquility, and focus as a team. An environment where everyone is able to breathe easier while pursuing their passions and purpose. For more information

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