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A word, please. 

Possibly no one has ever told you how worthy you are to have the life you desire, that's where I come in. Those dreams, those secret wishes and wants you dare to utter out loud, they are all waiting for you. I know it's true because we have a God in Heaven that has put those dreams and desires in your heart. Allow me to assist you in bringing them to fruition. Heal emotionally with me so that you too can live the life you were created to live! 

You can see, can't you? Let me cheer you on, allow me to walk beside you as you achieve the desired results in your life~ your incredible, dare I say, carefully crafted life. No matter your background, history, or story, there's always an opportunity to rewrite it, start fresh, and heal. 

Are you ready? 

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I wonder, do you ever think of the possibility of exceptional health? Does it ever occur to you, that you could feel physically, emotionally and even spiritually vibrant everyday of your life? 

I imagine then you and I are similar in a lot of ways. For far too long I hoped and prayed for a better way of living, less sick days with my children, emotionally sound mind, kicking fear to the curb. All the products promising longevity, strength and of course, nourished children were in my cabinets, doing nothing but taking up space. After my son was diagnosed with cancer, the gloves came off and I really began to dig, deep. What I saw was horrifying. Toxic chemicals, and scores of them. These trusted labels, these products, were actually known cancer causers, and the powers at be let them slide on into my hands.

Learning that a toxic soup of chemicals with proven correlations to autoimmune conditions, cancer, infertility, and general dis-ease of every biological system was permeating the house and my family just wouldn't do. The real irony of this revelation? I, like you, was voluntarily bringing these products into my home. And paying good money for them, too.

Not one bit of this sat well with me. Enter drastic changes. With painstaking research and sometimes interesting, to say the least, trial and error testing, I rushed chemicals to the curb and dove into natural, superior approaches to personal care, house keeping, and everything children.


Create a Toxin Free Home 

Simply, Affordably,Beautifully

Essential Oils 

Experience Essential Oils 

Stepping into the life that was laid out for you, before time began starts with cultivating an environment of health, wellness and vitality. All from the inside out. All so that you are able to hear and know your next steps. We begin with Essential Oils. Step into the world of essential oils, you'll find so much more than you ever thought possible. 

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Emotional Healing

In life, everyone experiences blocks. Many times those blocks completely derail the path God has us on and we find it difficult to complete the journey. 

Whether in business, relationships or even spiritual, the blocks are there. You may know the what, the blockers you encounter, yet the how, the breaking free from it can be challenging. 

 There's that thing, THE one thing you just can't seem to pull away from, or tear yourself from. Yes, that's the one. You know the WHAT, it's time to discover the HOW. It's time to dive into a better life, a better way of thinking, a better way of feeling. Feeling FREE- Essentially Free!

I created Essentially Free so you can find the same freedom I found, too. Are you ready to become Essentially Free?

Essentially Free

The course created for you, by Jen Weir

In life, circumstances can hold us back from our truest and highest potential.The only way to achieve this is to become emotionally whole and free, essentially free. I have written a course that will assist you in removing those blocks that have hindered you for so long. Are you ready to take your life, your business, and your family to the next level? 

The Mending Circle

Healing Circles were first noted in the Lakota Indian tribes. Often called ‘Hokocah’ which means sacred circle, these circles consist of people who sit together, talk, pray, and commit to helping themselves and one another in their healing journey.

The Mending Circle is an online Hocokah, of sorts. We will gather, you’ll be prayed over each day, we’ll use oils and conversation for the purpose of healing ourselves and one another continue.